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Relax with a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

Buying a new home? Don’t risk heartache and make sure you get a pre-purchase termite inspection. If you’re applying for finance on your home, banks and financial institutions won’t accept your loan application unless you have this paperwork.

The inspection is a relatively simple process, taking roughly one to two hours. The inspector will take into consideration the location of your home, how high it is off the ground, how wooded is your local area and how accessible is the roof cavity.

Complete Pest Control’s fully accredited pest inspector will provide a prompt and accurate pre-purchase inspection service for your potential new home, combined with a comprehensive analysis in a professional report.

Complete Pest Control offers a total inspection service covering all buildings and surrounding property.

For an additional fee, we can use the latest technology including Thermal Imaging Cameras and moisture and movement detecting equipment. This allows us to see activity inside the wall as a result of the presence of termites, water leaks and other hidden defects.

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As a homeowner, an annual termite inspection will help safeguard your home against these silent invaders. Whether or not the inspection reveals termites, you can talk to Complete Pest Control’s qualified specialist about termite protection treatments or eradication if we find an infestation.

We have a variety of treatments to suit all situations and budgets which we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

You can choose from chemical treatments for an existing termite problem, or perhaps physical or chemical barriers, reticulation systems or a termite monitoring and interception system to prevent future infestation.

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