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A professional job can keep your home spider free

Female spiders may reproduce up to 300 baby spiders per hatching, two or three times per year, depending on their species. The babies are then distributed en masse via gusts of wind on parachutes of web or they crawl to their new home. When Complete Pest Control treats your home, we pay attention to all the potential spider harbourage areas including webs.

Spiders directly exposed to a pest control spray will definitely die after a short period of time, ranging from just a few hours to a couple of weeks.

It is not possible to eliminate all spiders on your property. Remember, spiders play an important role in our food chain and it is much more environmentally responsible to concentrate on keeping spiders from entering the premises rather than killing them.

No pesticide residue available on the market today will kill spiders when they crawl over it. Instead, you’ll find a reduction of the spider population in your area.

So, while we can’t eliminate all spiders on your property or assure you that webs will not re-appear after treatment, we guarantee all potential harbourage areas will be treated and spiders will die after being contacted with our spray.

Spider spray treatment – what we do

Our technician will treat the interior, exterior, roof-voids, sub-floors and garden areas. We offer a 12 month written Warranty on large cockroaches, spiders and silverfish.

What you need to do:

Simply sit back and relax while our expert technicians ensure the health and safety of your family by ridding your home of these unwanted pests. You don’t even need to empty or clean out cupboards, move furniture or objects.

Is the chemical safe?

We only use safe and environmentally friendly products that are safe for you and your pets. If you are pregnant or have asthma, please advise our friendly staff so they can guarantee the right solution.

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