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Rodents chew wires carry diseases and can quickly infest a home

Complete Pest Control use either traps or baits to eradicate rodents, depending on whether they’re mice or rats.

Rodents often take refuge in roof voids, especially during winter. Consequently, they can cause major damage to electrical wires by gnawing through them, therefore increasing the risk of fire damage.

Without a doubt, rodents such as rats and mice, can cause great harm to you and your family by hosting a number of external parasites such as fleas and ticks, which directly cause several diseases. They also contaminate food supplies with germs and bacteria and soil your indoor environments with urine and faeces. Studies have shown that these droppings are a major allergen for children with asthma.

In Australia, a number of rodent species are agricultural pests. Two species, the house mouse and black rat, were introduced around the time of European settlement. House mice are found throughout agricultural cropping areas and around sheds and farmhouses. When conditions are favourable, their numbers can increase to plague levels. Black rats are found throughout temperate and tropical Australia in human-modified environments.

To treat rodents, Complete Pest Control uses:

  • Baits – often using brodifacoum and bromadiolone. While the black rat prefers moist foods (we use liquid baits), sewer rats prefer dry foods (we use cereal baits)
  • Traps – snap boards and sticky traps should be used as a backup for baits or for safety reasons. They should be placed just out from skirting boards, with the bait facing inwards. We use cocoa sprinkled on fresh bread. Tie the bread onto the metal with some cotton thread. Tugging will set off the trap
  • Gassing – is used in outdoor burrows, ships and grain silos by the use of fumigants
  • Proofing – this means the blocking of entry points by physical means such as bird wire, metal sheeting, steel wool or door seals
  • Contact Dusts and Gels – such as Bromatrol dust or Fentrol gel may be used once it is established where the activity is situated. You can determine this by the use of talc as a tracking dust
  • Prevention – good hygiene and a limited supply of food and water is the best for preventing rodent infestations

It’s worth knowing too that rodents are repelled by the smell of mint, camphor and pine tar. Cats and dogs (especially terriers) are helpful for hunting small numbers of rodents in the early breeding stages.

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