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Globally, you’ll find 16 families of fleas, with about 2380 species. In Australia, we have 90 different species from nine of these families. The adult flea needs a blood meal (your pet, for example) in order to produce fertile eggs (40-plus per day), which then fall off the animal and drop to the floor, carpet, bedding, etc. The eggs develop into larvae and then into pupae that are protected inside cocoons, which can lay dormant for many months until noise, heat, vibration, light, exhaled carbon dioxide or other stimulation causes them to emerge as fleas to start the cycle again.
Fleas flourish in our local climate and can quickly become an infestation problem. Fleas are commonly found in Coffs Harbour, Grafton and Port Macquarie. In fact, they’re pretty common throughout all of the Mid North Coast.

If you see a flea, you’re likely already in the midst of a flea infestation.

Flea infestations require multi-faceted treatment plans. Individual pet problems and fleabites aren’t enough of a clue to how wide the infestation could be. Complete Pest Control uses both chemical and natural treatments for its flea control treatments. In order to possibly avoid a flea problem, it’s recommended you perform regular examinations of pets. Most importantly, catching fleas early helps lead to quicker eradication.

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