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It’s said that Cockroaches may survive a nuclear blast but they won’t survive our cockroach control!

There are six families of cockroaches worldwide, containing a staggering 4000 species. Australia has representatives of five of these families but with only 428 species present. Cockroaches are dirty, very fast and very resilient.

Inspection is a very important part of cockroach control. Cockroaches tend to harbour in areas such as:

  • Cracks and crevices around kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. In commercial spaces, watch the meal preparation sites
  • Behind hot water heaters
  • Inside electrical appliances such as ovens, refrigerator motors, microwaves and stereos
  • Door hinges
  • Behind wallpaper or ply veneer boards
  • Drains and plumbing
  • Roof voids

Cracks and crevices in all of these areas are treated with insecticidal dusts to flush out the cockroaches and/or in conjunction with residual sprays such as Diazinon or Chlorpyrifos. In some cases, heavy infestations may require a misting or gassing for a faster kill.

We don’t treat food preparation areas, utensils, clothes, bedding or other unsafe areas.
Cockroaches flourish in our local climate and can quickly become an infestation problem. Cockroaches are commonly found in Coffs Harbour, Grafton and Port Macquarie. In fact, they’re pretty common within all of the Mid North Coast.


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Coffs Harbour: (02) 6652 9391 Port Macquarie: (02) 6516 2287
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