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An ant infestation isn’t funny, get on top of them today

Ant nests are generally found in the ground, wood or under rocks, although ants can also nest in walls, fireplaces, under paths and in buildings.

To obtain a quote for ant treatment and poisoning, in Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Port Macquire, or anywhere on the Mid North Coast, we require a thorough inspection to assess any infestations. Ant infestations are common in the bathroom, kitchen, garage and on decks. Dusting or chemical sprays are common treatments for ants.

To try to prevent ant infestation, sanitation and hygiene are key. Therefore, inside the house, pet food bowls, dirty dishes, food scraps and sap-sucking insects on indoor plants can all attract ants. Also, outside the house, un-emptied rubbish bins, as well as food and old drink cans, encourage ants.

Try placing pet food bowls in a tray of water; this may lessen the ant problem.

Finally, look for all ant entry points in cracks and crevices in and around the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. Outside the home, look under windowsills, doorways and pot plants, in paving cracks, near fences, around trees, gardens and garbage bins.

Complete Pest Control can also inspect your subfloor, under insulation battens in the roof void and in wall cavities.

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